Nazi Terror

From the moment the Nazis invaded Lodz in September 1939, they unleashed their terror on the Jews. First they destroyed synagogues and looted property. Then they implemented the wearing of the Jewish star and began forcing Jews to relocate. At first they sent Jews from one area of Lodz to work in a camp in nearby Radogoscz. Then they moved other Jews into the area vacated by the deported Jews and began creating a ghetto. By April 1940 they sealed the ghetto and Jews were imprisoned in this area, only allowed to leave with permission.

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Abram Kolski's parents stand in front of the synagogue ruins in November 1939

Jews in Lodz were forced to wear a star on the front and back of their garments soon after the Nazis arrived

Orders and notices were posted on the ghetto walls

Jewish police assigning housing to Jews in the ghetto