Postal service in the ghetto

In March 1940 the authorities established a ghetto postal service. The post office was in the building at 4/6 Plac Koscielny with a branch office at 1 Dworska Street. Postal workers distributed mail throughout the ghetto. A stamp was produced with the Jewish leader, Chaim Rumkowski’s image on it, but never actually circulated.

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Lodz Ghetto stamps

Stamp coupon

Postal workers in the Lodz Ghetto

Postcard from Abram Goldberg's sister Maryla in the Soviet Union to the family trapped in Lodz Ghetto

At different times in the ghetto history, there were different restrictions on mail. For instance, from June 1940 for two and a half months, no mail could be sent from the ghetto, but could be received. In July 1941, mail was restricted to and from Belgium, Holland and France. All correspondence, incoming and outgoing, was subjected to censorship.