The Weksler Radio

In researching this project we came across a similar radio to Bono’s, also made by Viktor Rundbaken in the Lodz Ghetto, and used by the Weksler family. After the war this radio was donated to Beit Lohamei Hagetaot (The Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum) in Israel.

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'Illegal' radio made for the Weksler family in Lodz Ghetto, courtesy Ghetto Fighters' House, Israel

An 'illegal' radio made by Viktor Rundbaken in the Lodz Ghetto for the Weksler family, courtesy of Ghetto Fighters' House, Israel

Funeral of Chaim Widawski, who committed suicide while on the run from the Germans searching for Jews using illegal radios

The creator of the illegal radios, Viktor Rundbaken, with Bono Wiener after the war

They sent us the images of the radio that we are using and Abram Goldberg confirmed that the radio Bono used was similar to it, although theirs was able to be split in two.